work in progress

STUCK is a video installation that reflects trends in online pornography.

The images in this installation are partly collected from a trend in which porn actresses get stuck in random (usually domestic) objects such as washing machines, ovens, windows or even the trunk of a car. Although it creates humorous images, it also raises questions about the notion of consent and abuse. By editing and recreating the images, the social obsession, the material glorification of the physical object and the cultural paradoxes that drive the primary impulses remain.

STUCK researches different trends in online pornography and what these trends tell about our society. Sometime between 2010 - 2015, a porn genre called Real Estate Porn became immensely popular on well-known channels such as PornHub. Real Estate Porn (or PropertySex as the popular channel on PornHub is called) combines sexual acts typical of commercial pornography with transactions typical of the way American home ownership was viewed (before the financial crisis). Now that home ownership seems like an unattainable reality for many young people, porn dealing with the subject of home ownership is getting more and more popular.

This project is funded by CBK